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Get it right. Say it well. Write it well. Change the world.

That’s what students in the journalism concentration are learning in their courses in the School of Communication.

Students entering the journalism concentration take on a program of study that includes a gamut of professional skills needed to compete for today’s news media jobs. There are many of these jobs, from print and broadcast news reporting, Web design, copy editing and page design, video production and feature writing, to investigative, business, sports, and computer-assisted reporting. Equally important are the courses in which journalism students take a critical look at the practices, roles, significance, and effects of the news media in today’s society—from the daily newspaper uncovering social injustice, to the weekly newspaper keeping its community in touch, to the international media conglomerate influencing government’s foreign policy, as well as the lone blogger uncovering an unknown truth.

Journalism students also debate and gain an understanding about the many ethical and legal principles that pertain to news reporters, photographers, editors, producers, and page designers.

You want to make a difference, locally and globally.

The journalism faculty teaches you how.

For more information on degree requirements, visit the School of Communication online catalog.