School of Music

Future Students

What to Expect on Audition Day

Audition Day is our opportunity to give you a taste of the life of a music major at ECU.  All of the activities are meant to introduce you to as many faculty and students from as many academic and applied areas as possible. You will have an opportunity to meet students in social settings and meet many of our faculty. Your day will include:

One-on-one Musicianship Screening

Applicants are asked to match pitch, repeat a sung melody, repeat a sung rhythm, sight-sing a simple melody, and use solfegé (if possible).

Music Fundamentals Exam

This test is a chance to demonstrate your knowledge of music fundamentals.  Transfer students will also be required to take an examination demonstrating their level of fundamental knowledge.  See the website below for more information.

Parent Meeting

A special session for parents will be held by administrators to comment on a range of topics including: admission, curriculum, scholarships, and housing.  Time for questions will be included.

Informational Meetings for Specific Majors

There will be open-house style sessions with faculty from the Music Therapy and Music Education departments.  These sessions are designed as informal introductions to allow you to investigate your future career options.


Auditions will begin in the afternoon and will allow you to meet the faculty in your area and display your talent.  Auditions last approximately 10-15 minutes.  Requirements vary according to instrument and are detailed in the School of Music application.  You are strongly encouraged to discuss these requirements with your private instructor.

Theory Fundamentals Preparation

We recognize that students come to us with a wide variety of experience in music theory and musicianship. The information provided below includes resources to supplement your preparation for the Musicianship Screening and Fundamentals Exam.

We strongly encourage you to review this information prior to your audition

  • For reinforcement of Music Fundamentals, any available “Fundamentals of Music” text is appropriate.  We suggest you solicit recommendations for available texts from your current music teacher(s) and review resources online.
  • For Preparation for Ear-Training/Musicianship skills, there are many inexpensive programs available via the web. In the School of Music computer lab, we make use of MacGamut and Practica Musica. Many other programs are available on the web as shareware and freeware.

The websites below are excellent starting points to prepare for both tests.

For more detailed preparation for transfer students, please reference: Gauldin, Robert. Music Theory, Harmonic Practice in Tonal Music, New York: W.W. Norton, 2004, available at ECU Dowdy Student Stores Bookstore or from various online retailers.