School of Music: Summer Guitar Workshop
Collegiate & Professional Solo Competition

guitar workshop

The ECU Summer Guitar Workshop will hold its sixteenth solo guitar competition for college students and college graduates in the early stages of their concert careers. There will be three rounds, a preliminary round, a semifinal round and a final round.  The competition is open to guitarists of all ages. College/professional participants will perform a fifteen-minute solo program of works of their own choice, which will be taken from the standard repertoire of the classic guitar.  This program will be performed in its entirety in the final round and competitors will choose selections in the preliminary and semifinal rounds.

The first round will take place on Thursday July 6th  at 1 pm in Room 110 in the Fletcher School of Music.

The semifinal round will take place on Friday July 8th  at 4pm in the AJ Fletcher Recital Hall in the ECU School of Music.

The final round will be held the next afternoon, Saturday July 9th  4:30 pm at the same location.

The semifinal and final rounds will be open to the public. The preliminary round will be closed.

Competitors must EMAIL a copy of your program to the workshop director prior to the beginning of the competition. Full festival participants who wish to compete in the collegiate solo competition may do so for an additional fee of $75.00.

Collegiate/professional competitors may choose to only compete for $100.00. This amount includes admission to all concerts and any workshop activities that you wish to audit. Please submit a check in the amount of A100.00 made out to the ECU Summer Guitar Competition with their application.  After June 1, the amount is $110.00. After July 1, the amount is $120.00

All collegiate competitors must submit a check in the amount of $100.00 (75.00 for full festival participants) made out to the ECU Summer Guitar Competition with their application.

First prize will consist of 1200 dollars, and, at the discretion of the jury, a paid recital at next year’s workshop. Second prize will be $600, Third $300, Fourth $200.

All competitors must have a valid email address. Foreign competitors without a valid U.S. Social Security number may be subject to 30% withholding on any prizes won.