School of Music: Instrumental Department: Percussion Studio
Percussion Auditions: Graduate

An audition is required for admission in performance, including current ECU undergraduates who continue on into graduate degree study. Students applying for the Music Education program, both licensure and no licensure, may request admission by portfolio evaluation. Students applying for composition or theory must submit scores and tapes; for Music Therapy, a portfolio that includes at least a professional résumé.

The M.M. degree in Performance concentration in percussion is designed to prepare the student for a career as a performing percussionist or as a college percussion teacher. The audition for acceptance to the M.M. degree will require the candidate to demonstrate technical skills and also to perform pieces that require musical maturity and advanced abilities.  These abilities must be demonstrated in all of the following areas:

Snare Drum:
  • Technical skills may include: rudiments, concert style performance of rolls, drags etc.
  • Solo performance to include: Delecluse: Douze Etudes pour Caisse Claire, Colgrass: Unaccompanied Solos for Snare Drum, Pratt: 14 Modern Contest Solos, etc.
  • Orchestral excerpts
  • Sight Reading
  • Technical skills should include:  Scales (all major and all forms of minor), arpeggios (Maj.7th, min7th, dominant 7th, diminished 7th) each should cover three octaves and starting either hand.
  • 2 mallets: Bach: Violin Partita movements, concertos (Creston, Kurka, Bach, Mendellsohn etc.), Musser: Masterworks, Preludes, Etudes or anything of similar difficulty and maturity.   
  • 4 mallets:  Stout: Mexican Dances, Bach: Cello Suites, Tchaikovsky: Album for the Young (Stevens arr.), Rosauro: Concerto or similar.
  • Technical skills should include tuning any pitch from a single given pitch, basic strokes, cross sticking, roll with crescendo.
  • The prepared piece should demonstrate an advanced level of ability. Work such as Tharichen: Concerto, Hinger: Solos for the Virtuoso Timpanist, Steele: Sonata for Timpani, Gauthreaux: Capriccio For Solo Timpani etc. would be appropriate.
Drum Set:
  • Technical skills should include playing time and trading fours in the following styles: swing, rock, samba, bossa nova, mambo and funk.   Performance may include playing along with an ECU jazz combo or big band or performing along with a big band Play-a-long.
A personal on-campus audition is preferred, but conditional acceptance may be obtained by submission of a high-quality audio CD or DVD (use DVD-R discs only if you submit a video DVD). DVD should include solos, etudes, accompanied or unaccompanied works, and/or chamber music. For consideration of a position as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, an on-campus audition/interview is required.