School of Music

Keyboard Department

Young Artist Competition for Pre-College Pianists and Organists


Junior Division

First Prize: Kimberly Liu (Student of Olga Urick)
Second Prize: Andrew Zhen (Student of Karen Allred)
Third Prize: Kyler Chen (Student of Margaret Evans)
The Carlin Prize for American Music: Jose Fernando Gomez (Student of Frank Pittman)
ECU Keyboard Alumni Prize: David Niu (Student of Florence Ko)

Judge: Bradley Hunnicutt

Senior Division

First Prize: Christopher Saba (Student of Pamela Mullins)
Second Prize: Kevin Xu (Student of Florence Ko)
Third Prize:  Kasey Stokes (Student of Rodney Reynerson)
ECU Keyboard Alumni Prize:  Kevin Xu (Student of Florence Ko)

Judge: Derison Duarte