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The Bachelor of Music in Music, Piano Pedagogy

The undergraduate piano pedagogy degree is a four year program that leads to the awarding of the bachelor of music degree in performance concentration in piano pedagogy.


Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the School of Music. Prospective music majors and minors must be admitted both to the university and to the School of Music.  Admission to the School of Music is determined by an acceptable level of performance as demonstrated through a personal audition or a recent taped recording. A satisfactory audition is required of all entering freshmen, transfer students, and students being readmitted. Acceptance of the audition is based upon an affirmative vote by a majority of the auditioning committee, which comprises a minimum of three faculty members.  Admission is limited in some applied disciplines in the School of Music. For detailed information, students should contact Dr. Jeffrey Ward, associate director for undergraduate admissions of the School of Music.

The piano pedagogy major must audition in piano, and applied instruction in piano is required throughout the four-year program of study. Detailed information regarding auditions and audition dates will be supplied upon request by Dr. Jeffrey Ward.

Basic audition requirements in piano/piano pedagogy at the undergraduate level include the ability to perform acceptably major and minor scales and arpeggios and compositions representative of piano literature from three of the four style periods (baroque, classic, romantic, contemporary).  Audition repertoire must be performed from memory.  In addition, the applicant will be asked to sight-read a short piece of music. For a complete listing of courses required for the bachelor of music degree in piano pedagogy see the undergraduate catalog.