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Workshop Presentations by Kerry Carlin

To schedule a workshop presentation by Dr. Kerry Carlin, e-mail or phone (252) -752-4749.

Workshop Topics:

Teaching Effectiveness in the Elementary Level Piano Lesson: What the Research has to Say

Today’s piano teacher needs to keep abreast of current thinking about piano teaching, especially when those understandings can be verified by research. This presentation focuses on what current research tells us about how we should be teaching the piano to elementary level students.

Right from the Start—Developing a Natural Keyboard Technique

This topic discusses the development of keyboard technique from the first lesson to early advanced level playing.

What’s New?—Hot Off the Press Piano Teaching Materials

Don’t have access to a good music store where you can take a look at the latest piano teaching materials? Or maybe you have access but not the time to browse through the overwhelming amount of piano instruction publications being marketed. This presentation will present some of the best of the most current piano teaching materials from several publishers. The focus is primarily on repertoire—both sheet music and collections--although other materials may be discussed as well.

A Piano Teacher’s Round Table

One of the best ways to gain more knowledge about piano teaching is to glean ideas from our colleagues. With Dr. Carlin acting as moderator, the piano teacher’s round table presents topical questions and promotes group discussion—ranging from practical studio ideas to how to teaching the most complicated rhythms. After all, the research shows that what piano teachers do more than anything is talk—so let’s get together and do it. No need to raise your hand!

Guiding Your Students to Careers in Music

This workshop will discuss the career possibilities for the student who has a degree in music with a major in piano. Included will be a discussion of preparing your high school student for admission to music degree programs.