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14th Annual NewMusic@ECU Festival
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March 19-23, 2014

Works to be performed at the festival
* ECU Composition students

Adamo, Mark, "Perfect as we are" (Jo's aria), from Little Women (1998)
Berio, Luciano, Sequenza I (1958)
Billone, Pierluigi, Mani.Long (2001)
Boysen, Andrew, Jr., Night Song (1994)
Corigliano, John, Three Irish Folksong Settings (1988)
Dawe, Jonathan, Fantasey (2013) WORLD PREMIERE
faris, marc, Warped + Wefted (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
Foumai, Michael-Thomas, Lady Dark (2013)
     WINNER, NewMusic@ECU Festival Composition Competition
*Franklin, Nia, Sunflower (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
Golijov, Osvaldo, Lua descolorida (1999)
Gordon, Ricky Ian, "Song" from Orpheus and Euridice (2001)
Harbison, John, Music for Eighteen Winds (1986)
*Hemminger, Sarah, Lost and Found (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
Hoiby, Lee, Beginning My Studies (1988)
               Last Letter Home (2006)
               Lady of the Harbor (1990)
Hoffman, Joel, Self-Portrait with Gebirtig (1998)
*Huff, Travis, Midnight Blue (2013) WORLD PREMIERE
Illari, Bernardo, Cancioncilla del primer deseo (2011) WORLD PREMIERE
               Casida de la muchacha dora (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
Jacobs, Ed, A Function of Memory (2001)
*Keil, Drew, Ten Thousand Myles (2013) WORLD PREMIERE
Lang, David, Cheating, Lying, Stealing (1993, rev. 1995)
*Lipford, Akeem, Theme 3.2 (2012) WORLD PREMIERE
*Mangold, Connor, Left, Right, Left, Right (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
Martinu, Bohuslav, La Revue de Cuisine (1927)
Messiaen, Olivier, "Appel interstellaire" from Des canyons aux étoiles (1971)
Mincek, Alex, Nucleus (2007)
*Pfalz, Andrew, It can be hard to fall asleep when you're on fire (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
Richardson, Mark, Arcs and Spirals (2004, rev. 2010)
Rorem, Ned, Some Trees (1968)
*Rose, Patrick, Redemption (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
Rzewski, Frederic, "Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues" from Four North American Ballads  (1979)
*Sledge, Benjamin, Conversations at Dawn (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
Sutton, Tim, Grace (2006)
*Travitz, Myles, Animation (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
          Xanadu (2013) WORLD PREMIERE
*Ward, Isaac, A Pathetic Piece (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
*Ward, Julian, Waves (2014) WORLD PREMIERE
*Williams, Colin, Abmiram (2014) 
          The Great Divide (2014)
*Zakula, Aaron, Ping Pong with a Cello (2014) WORLD PREMIERE

For additional information contact:

Edward Jacobs, Founder & Director