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11th Annual NewMusic@ECU Festival
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10th Annual NewMusic@ECU Festival!
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February 24 - 28, 2010

Works to be performed at the festival
* indicates a WORLD PREMIERE performance!

Stölzel, Ingrid, Genius Loci (2009), WORLD PREMIERE

Al-Zand, Karim, Cabinet of Curiosities (2009)
Bach, J.S., Chromatic Fantasy, BWV 903 (c. 1720)
Barber, Samuel, Hermit Songs (1953)
*Bartlett, Nathaniel, Space Forms (2010) WORLD PREMIERE
Bunch, Kenji, Cookbook (2004)
Carter, Elliott, Woodwind Quintet (1948)
Coleman, Valerie, Red Clay and Mississippi Delta (2009)
Cossin, David, Nixkin (1992)
Dawe, Jonathan, Rhapsody for Clarinet and Piano (1989)
del Aguila, Miguel, Wind Quintet No. 2 (1994)
*Dembski, Stephen, Calcium Late Nate/2010 (2010) WORLD PREMIERE
*Glick, Mark, Wife of Bath (2004) WORLD PREMIERE (orchestral version)
Hendze, Jesper, Escalations (1986)
Husa, Karel, Five Poems (1994)
                  Three Etudes for solo clarinet (2008)
*Jacobs, Edward, Omaggio (2009) WORLD PREMIERE
Lippe, Cort, Music for Snare Drum and Computer (2007)
Lucier, Alvin, Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (1988)
*Newsome, Bo, Sense of Place (2010) WORLD PREMIERE PREVIEW
Reich, Steve, Drumming (part I) (1971)
Schindler, Allan, Take Flight (2009)
Scott, Jeff, Homage to Duke (2002)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz, In Freundschaft (1977)
Tommassini, Matthew, Torn Canvases (2009)
*Valle, Rafael, f a t e (2009) WORLD PREMIERE

For additional information contact:
Edward Jacobs, NewMusic@ECU