School of Music
18th NewMusic Initiative

To engage our community in all phases of new music's culture:

Visiting artists (listed below, here) are deeply involved with the creation and dissemination of new musical ideas. Guests will work with our community in:

  • Instrumental/vocal Master Classes
  • Workshops for composers
  • Seminars on commissioning new work
  • Reading, recording and critique of student composers' music

Each year we will (see video introduction to the unique program):

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Insectaphobia comes alive on stage in ECU Opera Premiere

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Schedule of Events


Oct. 13, 2017 @ 7:30pm
AYANO KATAOKA, marimba/percussion
Nov. 9, 2017 @ 7:30pm
Nov. 20, 2017 @ 7:30pm
NewMusic by ECU student composers
JANUARY 26, 2018 @ 7:30pm
Feb. 27, 2018 @ 7:30pm
FREQUENCIES a NewMusic Ensemble
Mar. 15, 2018 @ 7:30pm
Mar. 17, 2018 @ 7:30pm, Wright Aud.
Jorge Richter, Director
13th Annual Composition Competition Winner 
Mar. 22, 2018 @ 7:30pm
DUO CORTONA, soprano & violin
Mar. 28, 2018 @ 7:30pm
NewMusic by ECU student composers
Apr. 14, 2018 @ 7:30pm, Wright Auditorium
Jorge Richter, Director; Keiko Sekino, piano
World Premiere, NCNMI Commission 
by Matthew Ricketts
April 15, 2018, 3pm, Paramount Theatre
Goldsboro, NC
Apr. 16, 2018 @ 7:30pm
NewMusic by ECU student composers

2003 NewMusic@ECU Festival

Notice: this is archived material, and as such, links may no longer work since being moved to this permanent location.

March 19-22, 2003

East Carolina University  School of Music
Greenville, North Carolina (driving directions)
8 concerts/recitals, 4 Master Classes, Readings of student compositions, and a seminar/discussions on Improvisation will highlight this Third Annual Festival of New Music at East Carolina University.
For more information contact: Edward Jacobs, 252-328-4280

Schedule of 2003 NewMusic@ECU Events (subject to change):
All events in the A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall unless noted.
March 19, Wednesday
8:00 p.m.,br> Concert I: ECU New Music Camerata

Quatuor pour le fin de temps (Quartet for the End of Time), by Olivier Messiaen featuring Christopher Grymes, clarinet; Ara Gregorian, violin; Kelley Mikkelsen, 'cello; and Guest Artist Peter Henderson, piano. This landmark work of the 20th century, the only work performed on this evening's program, will be introduced by Guest Scholar Dr. James Grymes, Musicologist on the faculty of UNC-Charlotte.

March 20, Thursday
1:00 p.m.
Master Class I: Beth Wiemann, composer
3:00 p.m.
Seminar I: Composition and Improvisation
Gary Smart, composer and pianist
8:00 p.m.
Concert II: Tristan Murail; Complete Piano Music

Marilyn Nonken, piano
Comme un oeil suspendu et poli par le songe (1967)
Estuaire (1972)
Territoires de l'Oubli (1977)
Cloches d'adieu, et un sourire... (in memoriam Olivier Messiaen) (1992)
La Mandragore (1993)
Les Travaux et les Jours (2003)

March 21, Friday
10:00 a.m.
Master Class II: Writing for the Contemporary Pianist
Marilyn Nonken, piano
12:00 p.m.
Seminar II: Choral Competition
Rehearsal and Recording of Choral Composition Competition Winners

Featuring ECU Chamber Singers and Women's Choir, Daniel Bara and Janna Brendell, directors
Richard Zarou (Shenandoah University), Upon A Child
Andrews James Bolden (Converse College), Psalm 61

2:00 p.m.
Master Class III: Finding Your Niche as a Performer
Meridian Arts Ensemble
4:00 p.m.
Concert III: New Music for Mixed Ensembles
ECU New Music Camerata

Mark Alan Taggart, Welcoming Piece; Mark Alan Taggart, sax, Christopher Grymes, clar., Alisa Gilliam, pno;
    Kieran MacMillan, Three Portraits; John Kramar, baritone, John O'Brien, piano
    Stephen Jaffe, Designs; Christine Gustafson, flute; Christopher Deane, percussion; William Anderson, guitar
    Grant Michel, Visions for Bassoon and Pre-Recorded Sounds; Chris Ulffers, bassoon (World Premiere)
    Edward Jacobs, "I've Shook My Fists at the Sky"; Christopher Grymes, clarinet

8:00 p.m.
Concert IV: The Music of Gary Smart

Featuring the ECU New Music Camerata with Gary Smart, piano
    Improvisation (Gary Smart, solo piano)
    Mandela, for clarinet, piano
    Three Sonnets from the Portuguese (World Premiere), songs on texts by Elizabeth Barret Browning
        1. Say Over Again
        2. Beloved, You Have Brought Me Many Flowers
        3. How Do I Love Thee?
    Cartoons (World Premiere), for piccolo and tuba
        1. Sneaky
        2. Love Duet
        3. Scram
    Mr. Delius' Fancy, for flute, horn, cello and piano
    Improvisation, for piano and radios

March 22, Saturday
10:00 a.m.
Seminar III: Java Music Specification Language
Nick Didkovsky, composer & programmer
11:00 a.m.
Master Class IV: Approaching a New Work
Meridian Arts Ensemble
1:00 p.m.
Concert V: New Music for Trumpet

Britt Theurer, trumpet, Gary Smart, piano
    Mark Richardson, Arcs and Spirals, trumpet and piano (World Premiere)
    Britton Theurer, Fantasia
    Gary Smart, Yokai, Five Sketches for Trumpet and Piano (World Premiere)
    Robert Suderburg, Chamber Music VII
    Peter Maxwell Davies, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

3:00 p.m.
Concert VI: Modern Masterworks & New Voices

Susan Narucki, mezzo-soprano and Christopher Oldfather, piano
    Alban Berg, from Seven Early Songs; "Nacht," "Schliflied," "Im Zimmer," "Die Nachtigall"
    Martha Horst, Cloister Songs (World Premiere)
    Gyorgy Kurtag, From the Notebook of Georg Freidrich Lichtenberg, Op. 37a (soprano solo)
    Olivier Messiaen, from Poemes Pour Mi; "Paysage," "La maison," "Epouvante," "Le Collier," "Les deux guerriers"
    Beth Wiemann, from Simple Songs; "Museum Piece," The Seamstress ," "A Dutch Courtyard," "Night Thought," "A Soul
Selects Italy," "Post Office," "The Seamstress"

5:00 p.m.
Master Class V: The Contemporary Vocalist
Susan Narucki, soprano and composers Beth Wiemann, Martha Horst
8:00 p.m.
Concert VII: Meridian Arts Ensemble

Ira Taxin, Brass Quintet (1973)
    Nick Didkovsky, Slim In Beaten Dreamers
    Igor Stravinsky, Two Fanfares
    Don Carlo Gesualdo, "Belta, poi che t'assenti"
    David Sanford, Corpus
    Don Van Vliet, Suction Prints
    Frank Zappa, T'Mershi Duween
                        Dupree's Paradise
                        Echidna's Arf (of you)

Festival Performers

Christine Gustafson, flute
Christopher Grymes, clarinet
Chris Ulffers, bassoon
Mark Alan Taggart, saxophone
Mary Burroughs, horn
Britton Theurer, trumpet
Jeff Jarvis, tuba
Ara Gregorian, violin
Kelley Mikkelsen, cello
Peter Henderson, piano
Marilyn Nonken, piano
John O'Brien, piano
Christopher Oldfather, piano
Gary Smart, piano
William Anderson, guitar
Christoper Deane, percussion
Susan Narucki, soprano
Louise Toppin, soprano
John Kramar, baritone
Daniel Bara, conductor
Jana Brendell, conductor
Meridian Arts Ensemble

Festival Composers in attendance

Nick Didkovsky, New York University, Rockefeller University
Martha Horst, East Carolina University
Edward Jacobs, East Carolina University
Mark Richardson, East Carolina University
Gary Smart, University of North Florida
Mark Alan Taggart, East Carolina University
Britt Theurer, East Carolina University
Beth Wiemann, University of Maine

Works Performed:

Berg, Alban; from Seven Early Songs (selections)
Bolden, Andrew James; Psalm 61
Davies, Peter Maxwell; Sonata for Trumpet and Piano
Didkovsky, Nick; Slim In Beaten Dreamers
Horst, Martha; Cloister Songs (World Premiere)
Jacobs, Edward; "I've Shook My Fists at the Sky"
Jaffe, Stephen; Designs
Kurtag, Gyorgy; Attilla Jozsef Fragments
MacMillan, Kieran; Three Portraits
Messiaen, Olivier; Quatuor pour le fin de temps
        from Poemes Pour Mi (selections)
Michel, Grant; Visions for Bassoon and Pre-Recorded Sounds (World Premiere)
Murail, Tristan; Comme un oeil suspendu et poli par le songe (1967)
        Cloches d'adieu, et un sourire... (in memoriam Olivier Messiaen) (1992)
        Estuaire (1972)
        La Mandragore (1993)
        Territoires de l'Oubli (1977)
        Les Travaux et les Jours (2003)
Richardson, Mark; Arcs and Spirals, for trumpet and piano (World Premiere)
Sanford, David; Corpus
Smart, Gary; At Twilight an Angel (World Premiere)
                  Cartoons (World Premiere)
                      Mandela (World Premiere)
                    Improvisation, for piano radios
                    Mr. Delius' Fancy
                    Three Sonnets from the Portuguese (World Premiere)
                      Yokai, Five Sketches for Trumpet and Piano (World Premiere)
Stravinsky, Igor; Two Fanfares
Suderburg, Robert; Chamber Music VII
Taggart, Mark Alan; Welcoming Piece
Taxin, Ira; Brass Quintet (1973)
Theurer, Britton; Fantasia
Van Vliet, Don; Suction Prints
Wiemann, Beth; Simple Songs (selections)
Zappa, Frank; Dupree's Paradise
                    Echidna's Arf (of you)
                    T'Mershi Duween
Zarou, Richard; Upon A Child