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Application Instructions: Bold items are required fields. Be sure to read the important notes at the bottom of the page prior to clicking the submit button. Please fill out a separate application for each participant. Questions? Call 252-328-6152 or e-mail .

please include area code

please include area code

Use two letter abbreviation (example: NC for North Carolina)

upcoming academic year (Example: 8th grade)

Indicate name of your desired roommate. If left blank, you will be assigned a roommate.

Option A: Camp Fee $410, Private lesson ($15, optional) = Total to send now $425.00 Option B: Camp Deposit $100, Remainder camp fee $310, Private lesson ($15, optional) = Total to send now $100.00* Option C: Day Camp Payment/non-resident fee $310.00 = Total to send now $310.00
All NC students who won chairs in All-District Band will receive an automatic $50.00 scholarship. If you quality, choose "Yes".
If you choose "Yes" to the previous question, indicate your district here (example: Eastern, Southeastern, Central, Northwestern, Western, South Central, etc.).

All NC students who are NC Honors Band eligible will receive an automatic $100 scholarship. Do you quality? If so, click "Yes".
If you chose "Yes" to the previous question (Honors Band eligible), indicate your district here.

Important Note (please read BEFORE submitting your application):

We will make deductions in the Band Camp office based on any indication of scholarship eligibility mentioned in your online application. Your receipt will reflect the scholarship and any balance due.

Please click "SUBMIT" only once. It may take as long as 30 seconds for your application to be submitted.