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Art 3080: Introductory to Video Art

Extended Course Description

This course provides an introduction to video as an art form through individual production and lessons in media history and theory. Included will be demonstrations, screenings of films, project assignments and class discussions. Students will be introduced to editing and compositing using Final Cut Studio. Technical instruction will be augmented with discussions of style, technique, approach, content and context. We will look at examples of the work by contemporary and earlier 20th century artists. At the completion of this class students will leave with practical tools, ideas and opinions about video art, giving them a basis for the continuation of video practice, enabling them to expand their investigations beyond the classroom.

Film Art: An Introduction/ David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson. – 8th Ed.
ISBN: 978-0-07-353506-7.

Required Materials
  • DVD-R's for project finals.
  • MiniDV tapes as needed for project shooting and experimentation.
  • Optional) CD-RWs, DVD-RWs, Jump Drive etc. for file transfer, daily demos and experiments.

An external FireWire Hard Drive is required for this course. It should have a spindle speed of 7200 RPM or faster. It must have a connection for FireWire 400. Most will also have USB 2 but this is not required and not useful to video editing. Final Cut Pro (our main stay editing software) will only communicate via FireWire.

If you have a mini DV video camera, this will be very handy. The camera also must have a FireWire port. If you can buy one now or borrow one for the course duration, I highly recommend that you do so. Otherwise you may check out a MiniDV camera for 48 hours at a time, from the SOAD. If you do not return the camera on time, then you will not be able to borrow it again. If you do not return it and all of its parts (i.e.: batteries, charger, instruction booklet) then you will be charged a premium rate for these items. You will not receive any further grades from the university, nor be able to further register for classes until the items are returned or the bill paid.

Class Expectations
Attendance at all critiques, demos, and film showings are absolutely mandatory. Students are expected to actively contribute during critiques and class discussions. Individual participation and conduct will count as a significant portion of each student’s final grade.

All course projects are mandatory. Projects are to be completed and handed in at the start of class on the critique date.

A final requirement of the course is to hand in a cumulative portfolio DVD of all final course projects with proper titling, credits and interface. Failure to hand in this DVD or handing it in incomplete will result in a grade of F for the course. This DVD will not be returned to you but rather will become part of an archive for reference purposes to be used by your successors.

  Attendance is mandatory!!!
Three unexcused absences will be permitted. Students final grades will be lowered 1 letter grade for each additional unexcused absence. Students must be in class on time, arriving late to class three times will count as an unexcused absence. Missing more than 15 minutes of class time will be considered an unexcused absence; this includes leaving class early w/o permission. 

Students must come to class prepared! They should have the required materials and due assignments.
   Arriving unprepared may result in an unexcused absence.

American Disabilities ActMissing class during a critique will result in an unexcused absence and an F for the due assignment.

Student work is evaluated on the following criteria:

  - 25% Fulfillment of assignment objectives       
  - 25% Technical execution
  - 25% Conceptual and physical investment of time   
  - 25% Aesthetic and conceptual quality of the finished work

Grade Scale
98 ~ 100 A+ 25
93 ~ 97
A 24
90 ~ 92 A - 23
87 ~ 89 B+ 22
83 ~ 86 B 21
80 ~ 82 B - 20
77 ~ 79 C+ 19
73 ~ 76 C
70 ~ 72 C -
67 ~ 69 D+ 16
63 ~ 66
D 16
60 ~ 62 D -
59 & below F 14

A= Outstanding. Student takes problems beyond assignments to a personal solution in form of ambition, technical ability and creativity. True critical thinking combined with technical excellence.

B= Above Average, student goes beyond assignments but may be lacking in imagination or skill.
C=Average, completes assignment on time and actively participates in class.
D/F= Deficient. Misses the conceptual or technical level expected. Not following instructions, failure to complete the assignment.

American Disabilities Act
East Carolina University seeks to comply fully with the Americanswith Disabilities Act (ADA). Students requesting accommodations basedon a disability must be registered with the Department for Disability Support Services located in Slay 138 (252) 737-1016 (Voice/TTY).