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Take Glass Classes at the GlasStation!

Register for classes working with hot glass! Paperweight, Candy Bowl, and Garden Ball classes are now being offered. Classes are two-hours long and no experience is required. Participants must be 18 or older.

Register Here:

Visiting the GlasStation

Interested in seeing the Hot Shop and watching glass artists and students at work? Come for a free demonstration!

Upcoming Free Demonstrations:

Day Date Time
Saturday March 25th 10AM and 7PM
Saturday April 8th 10AM and 7PM
Saturday April 15th 10AM and 7PM
Wednesday May 3rd 10AM
Wednesday May 10th 10AM
Saturday May 13th 10AM and 7PM
Saturday May 27th 10AM and 7PM
Saturday June 10th 10AM and 7PM
Saturday June 24th 10AM and 7PM
Wednesday June 28th 10AM
Saturday July 1st 7PM
Wednesday July 5th 10AM
Saturday July 8th 7PM

The GlasStation
3732-B West Wilson Street
Farmville, NC

ECU's GlasStation, which resides about 15 miles west of main campus in Farmville, NC, is the result of a grassroots effort by The Farmville Group, a volunteer economic development association interested in growing the local economy through the arts. The Allen and Stowe families of Farmville donated a former Gulf gas station to the DeVisconti Trust. ECU leases the GlasStation building from the Trust, and have outfitted the GlasStation with equipment to create a functioning hot glass studio.

Undergraduate and graduate ART classes for ECU students focused on glass blowing and making are regularly offered at the GlasStation. The first glass class began in spring semester, 2017.

For more information, please email