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Wayne Godwin

Associate Professor
School of Art and Design
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The focus of my research is in the creation and application of virtual 3D objects. The Innovative Technology Lab (ITL) at ECU was moved to Duke University as a support system for their virtual reality systems. I am continuing my research with 3D virtual reality environments at Duke working during the summer with Rachael Brady (Director, Visualization Technology Group). The work at Duke is focused on low polygon modeling and animation of characters for the "Visions of the Underworld" project. The project is designed to be viewed in the Duke DiVE; one of only six facilities of its type in the world. In the spring of 2008 I will be on creative leave at Duke to continue research on low polygon approaches to character development and animation for the DiVE. This research incorporates a multidisciplinary approach and has become a part of the freshman focus program titled “Virtual Realities: Visualizations, Imagined Worlds, and Games:  The Interdisciplinary Discussion Course” at Duke University. My involvement with the new focus group is in the creation and application of virtual 3D objects for engaging student learning through the creation of 3D virtual reality environments.

Art 2470 - Introduction to Digital 3D Modeling and Animation is structured as study of digital 3D modeling and animation design. It is the first class to offer students an introduction to 3D animation. Students in the class create three-dimensional models which are viewed as still imagery and in digital movie formats. Projects for Art 2470 are developed to accept students at their current level of aesthetic and focuses on developing fundamental 3D modeling and animation skills.

Art 3442 - Products and Environments promotes personal growth and development through exploration and discovery. In addition to individual development, social dynamics are developed through group projects. A multidisciplinary approach to digital media and industrial design are developed through a balance of process, product, and professional development.

Art 3470 - Digital 3D Animation and Effects is a class that continues to develop modeling skill and adds additional foundation for 3D animation and effects. In addition to individual skill development, social dynamics are developed through group projects. A multidisciplinary approach to digital media and 3D animation design are developed through a balance of skill development, animation design process and aesthetic critique. The 3470 students are also introduced to the Reconfigurable Advanced Visualization Environment (RAVE), Virtual Reality (VR), and Rapid Prototype (RP) visualization technologies.

Art 4470 - Digital 3d Lighting and Rendering is a design studio that develops the concept of digital geometries taught by studying the basic elements that make digital 3D models. Students will explore production of digital 3D models using the effects of lighting, texture mapping and rendering.

Art 2470 and Art 3470 are taught using three different methods. Student are challenged with tutorials, creative problems and online testing components. Approximately 90% of the students who take Art 2470 continue their study of 3D animation taking the upper level class.

Art 2470, 3470 and 4470 are three new 3D modeling and animation classes established last year for the new BFA with a concentration in animation / interactive design. The concentration includes 27 hour of existing classes and unbanks a professional practices class to establish an art concentration. The focus of the new degree progam is on the establishment of independant animation and interactive design groups to meet the design needs of one of the fastest growing design diciplines.

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