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ART: Animation / Interactive Design
Course Descriptions

2070. Animation / Interactive Design Survey (3) (F,S,SS) P: ART 1030; 1906 or 1907. Using computers to solve visual problems. Exploration of ways that animation / interactive design and digital imaging can complement experiences in various disciplines.

2470. Introduction to Digital 3D Modeling and Animation (3) P: ART 1015, 1030. Studio that develops student's design process through construction of digital 3D models and animation.

3070. Electronic Interactive Multimedia (3) (F,S) 2 lecture and 4 studio hours per week. P: ART 2070 or 2071 or consent of instructor. Interactive multimedia design process. Web based projects incorporate sound, full-motion video, and still and kinetic imagery. Users interact with information presented. Emphasis on problem-seeking/problem-solving processes.

3080. Video Course (3) P for art majors: ART 1015, 1030; P for communication arts students: ART 2220. Video for aesthetic inquiry.

3081. Video Course (3) Explores video as expressive medium and builds upon competencies developed in ART 3080.


3082. Motion Graphics Studio (3) (F,SS) An introductory course in motion graphics, kinetic typography, and broadcast and web animation.
3250. Photography Course (3) (F) 2 lecture and 4 studio hours per week. P: ART 2225; or consent of instructor. Digital photography and its applications to design and fine art.

3470. Digital 3D Animation (3) P:ART 2470 or consent of instructor. Design studio that develops student's concept of digital 3D modeling as applied to animation and special effects.
3442. Products and Environments (3) (F) P: ART 2210 or consent of instructor. User-based design principles applied to exhibit environments and furniture systems intended for repetitive production.
4070. Advanced Interactive Media (3) (S) 1 lecture and 4 studio hours per week. P: ART 2070, 3070; or consent of instructor. Advanced exploration of interactive media design process. Emphasis on problem-seeking/problem-solving processes.

4411. Professional Practice (3) P: ART 4070, 4470 or 4200 or 4210 or 4220; 4240; or consent of instructor. Advanced media design projects and practices for professional portfolio presentations are covered to prepare students for entry-level employment.


4470. Digital 3D Lighting and Rendering (3) P: ART 3470 or consent of instructor. Design studio that develops the concept of digital geometries. Basic elements that make digital 3D models, including the effects of lighting, texture mapping and rendering.