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Submission Requirements

Students interested in being admitted to the Animation/Interaction Design Program should complete Art 2070 and/or Art 2470 and create a web portfolio at and email the URL and a request to be considered, to A/ID Area Coordinator Prof. Carl Twarog :  by the last day of classes in any fall or spring semester. The student's portfolio website must contain representative samples (images, video, animation) of ALL projects from ALL A/ID classes taken to date. Your site must contain 3 images/pieces from each project. All projects from all A/ID classes must be included on the site. Even if a student has taken classes beyond the survey, all projects from all A/ID classes must be included. Your portfolio will be reviewed by A/ID faculty and you will be notified by email as to their decision.

Students may take up to four courses beyond the survey (ART 2070) before submitting to Animation / Interactive Design. Students will not be accepted into Animation / Interactive Design after completing more than five courses.