Art Education

Art Education


To see more photographs of the art education facilities as well as images of the rest of the building, click this link.


The On-Campus program maintains three general-purpose art studios equipped with internet/wi-fi access. These rooms have collections of large fine art prints and other materials often used in K-12 art classes. Students participating in practicum classes have access to a workroom used to develop teaching art models. The workroom houses a small electric kiln similar to those used in public schools and an assortment of hand tools and other equipment appropriate for K-12 art classes. The Art Education Area has a small computer laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art MacIntosh computers, two Wacom drawing tablets, two scanners, an Epson color printer, and a laser printer. This laboratory also houses a collection of art education books and magazines for use in planning art lessons. Art Education students also have access to all of the equipment provided by the School of Art and Design Media Center and the shared large-scale print studio.

Working Environment

The Art Education studios, Computer Laboratory, and Workroom provide areas where students can meet and work collaboratively on class projects and extra curricular activities. Art Education faculty members are available for consulting and individual tutoring particularly for practicum and internship academic assignments.  

Other Resources

The Art Education Area also maintains a historic collection of teaching models of art projects that have been developed within the School of Art and Design and in the public schools. The Joyner Library obtains a complete collection of current art education textbooks and teaching materials that have been approved for use in North Carolina Public Schools.