Art Education

Art Education

Special projects

The Art Education Area sponsors a number of special community and academic projects.

Youth Art Expressions
On a yearly basis, the area works collaboratively to create the Youth Art Expressions project that involves Pitt County Schools, Pitt County Citizens United Against Violence, the Greenville Police Department, the Pitt County Substance Abuse Coalition, the ECU College of Fine Arts and Communication, and the Greenville Mall. The goal of the project is to use art to visualize ways to prevent underage substance abuse, violence, and bullying through the creation and public display of art images. The current mission is to exhibit the artwork of all participating youth as they interpreted the problems and the consequences of antisocial behaviors and encourage young students to suggest solutions to foster pro-social behavior. Over 400 students participated in the 2009 public exhibition.

East Carolina University Math/Art Project
Working with the ECU Mathematics Department, the Art Education area created a Math/Art curriculum and researched the academic effect of the curriculum with over 1,800 students in K-12th grade. The curriculum that was written for the research project is currently being revised for publication.

International Travel
The Art Education Area occasionally conducts student study tours in Europe to observe pedagogical methods in other cultures.

Contemporary Art Education Speaker/Artist Series
The Art Education Area invites celebrated Art Educators, authors and others involved education to the East Carolina University campus to work with students. Speakers have included Edmund Burke Feldman, David Burton, Doug Blandy, and Peter London. We have exhibited the artwork of Sheri Klein, the author of Humor in Art. Peter London and Sheri Klein teach art education classes occasionally in the Distance Education Program.