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Graduate Assistantships in the School of Art and Design

Procedures For Awarding Graduate Assistantships

1. At the date noted on the SOAD Graduate Calendar enrolled graduate students should discuss requests for changes in assistantship assignments with 1) their area coordinator and 2) the Graduate Director.

Students that wish to be considered for Teacher of Record positions in the Foundations must complete the Teacher Mentoring Assistantship to be considered.*

Students that wish to be considered for Teacher of Record positions for sophomore courses within their discipline must discuss this possibility, and the related requirements with their area coordinator.**

2. Area Coordinators will provide the Graduate Director with a list of job assignments within their area and number of hours requested for each student.

3. In consultation with the Area Coordinators, the Graduate Director will assign assistantships in the following order;

a.    Teacher Of Record

b.    Lab assistantships that are safety related and/or assistantships that require specialized

c.    All remaining assistantships

4. The Graduate Director consults the Graduate Committee and then the Director of the School of Art and Design and makes any necessary adjustments.


5. Contracts are logged into Banner.

6. Contracts are reviewed and approved by the College of Fine Arts and Communication then the Graduate School.

7. Graduate students are notified to review their assignments and sign contracts. New students will be mailed their contract, and tax forms. If a student rejects any part of their assignment, they drop to the bottom of the list and will be offered any remaining assignments if available.

8. There will always be unforeseen circumstance that may require adjustments. The most common is when a graduate student’s class does not make the minimum enrollment. The class will be cancelled and the student will be reassigned.

Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination Training

Required to receive SOAD Assistantship

Unlawful harassment and discrimination endanger the environment of tolerance, civility and mutual respect that must prevail if the University is to fulfill its mission. East Carolina University is committed to providing and promoting an atmosphere in which employees can realize their maximum potential in the workplace and students can engage fully in the learning process. Therefore, no acts of harassment of discrimination will be tolerated among any of the faculty, staff, or students who comprise our academic community.
To that end, in 2007, mandatory harassment and discrimination training was established to ensure that all employees are informed about Equity laws and policies. Our commitment has been formalized in clear and accessible policies that can be found at

To access the Preventing Sexual Harassment (PSH) and Preventing Employment Discrimination (PED) training modules, please use the following links  Preventing Sexual Harassment (PSH) training educates employees in understanding, responding to, and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.  Preventing Employment Discrimination (PED) training educates employees on how to recognize and avoid discriminatory practices in hiring, firing and other interactions with, and among, employees.

For a list of PSH/PED FAQ’s please see

PSH/PED completion reports can be requested by either by sending your request via email to or completing a training request form online at .  However, please note that training records are confidential personnel information, accessible only to the employee and his/her supervisor.
Individuals with question about unlawful harassment and discrimination, equity policies or PED/PSH training should contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Equity at 328.6804