BFA in Art, Ceramics


BFA Application Procedure for Concentration in Ceramics

Reading Day, Fall + Spring Semester

Please contact Seo Eo with any questions regarding procedure.
Office: J101 Voice: (252) 227-0321 Email: eos@ecu.edu.

I. Application Requirements

A. Email as attachment, Application Form Word format: Due 6 pm, one week prior to Reading Day.

B. Email as attachments, Essays in Word format: Due 6 pm, one week prior to Reading Day.

C. Practical Test: Starting 9 am, Friday, prior to Reading Day.

When all of the above are completed and after successfully completing the practical test, applicants will be assigned for the portfolio review session. The Review will start at 9 am on Reading Day. Portfolio must be ready to be presented by 8 am that day.

II. Portfolio Requirements

A. 5 examples of work from foundations courses.

B. 5 examples of work from courses outside of ceramics.

C. 10 examples of work from courses in ceramics.

Please select the best examples of the finished work. If you choose to include installation or time-based work that was previously completed and cannot be displayed in its entirety during the review, prepare a presentation of documentation along with some examples of actual components used in the work.

III. Application Portfolio Review

A. Date and Time: 9 am on Reading Day (please refer to the Official University Calendar: http://www.ecu.edu/fsonline/senate/fscalend.cfm)

B. Location: J102, J106, and J143.

C. Reviewers: Seo Eo, Jim Tisnado, and two Graduate Teaching Assistants.

D. During the review, there will be a Question and Answer segment based on your essays and portfolio.

E. A minimum of 300 points (out of 400 possible points: 100 points per reviewer) must be earned to pass this review.  Please refer to the sample evaluation sheet.

  Results will be emailed on Friday, following Reading Day.