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Degrees and Curriculum

Undergraduate Degree Choices
The School of Art and Design does not require a portfolio of artwork for admittance to the school as a freshman art student. After admittance to East Carolina University, based on general admission standards, all students who choose art are enrolled in the Foundation Program.


Undergraduate Minors      


Graduate Degrees
ART Coursework Contact Hour Policy
For studio coursework, 1 semester hour represents 2 hours of in-class time and one hour of work outside of class, aligning with ECU policy.


Degree Concentrations

Concentrations that are offered in the BFA studio degree are  painting and drawing, sculpture, ceramics, cinematic arts and media production, printmaking, graphic design, illustration, photography, textile design, fabric design, weaving design, wood design, metal design and animation/interactive design. Minimum degree requirement is 126 s.h. of credit.


BFA in Art Education and a liberal arts degree BA in Art History and Appreciation are also offered with minimum degree requirements of 126 s.h. of credit.


Individual program areas require a portfolio review for acceptance into the area after the student has completed the survey course and at least one upper-level studio course but not more than four courses. Acceptance into the area by portfolio review is required for admittance into 4000-level painting, graphic design, illustration, and photography courses. Students submitting portfolios to painting and drawing, graphic design, illustration, and photography and animation/ interactive concentrations must demonstrate a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.6 in the survey and all studio art concentration courses attempted. Entrance is competitive and space is limited. Students not accepted into their preferred program or area of concentration should be prepared to seek alternative areas of concentration and/or degree programs. An approved senior show and digital documentation of work exhibited are requirements for graduation.

Candidates in the BFA in Art degree requires four surveys. These courses introduce students to the various concentrations available in the School.

Following the art history foundation courses, BFA studio students take two more art history courses.

After completing the foundation courses with a minimum grade of "C", the specific survey course and at least Studio I in the desired concentration, the student is eligible to submit a portfolio of work to the faculty in that area. If the portfolio is approved, the student pursues advanced study--nine courses for the BFA. If the portfolio is not acceptable the student may re-submit, pursue entry into an alternate concentration, or transfer to a major outside the School of Art and Design.

Art electives (6 courses for the BFA in Art) provide additional broad studio experiences in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional media. The electives insure that students explore and experience artistic media in diverse areas.

The second portfolio review occurs for students in their senior year as they prepare for their required "senior show." The student's artwork must be juried by at least two faculty members. The campus and local community serve as hosts for many excellent shows celebrating the culmination of four hard years of intense artistic learning and expression.