BFA in Art, Graphic Design


To see more photographs of the graphic design facilities as well as images of the rest of the building, click this link.

Graphic design is the place where words meet images, where clear and purposeful communication meets aesthetic impact, and where a range of human needs and desires reside.

Although most graphic design is produced using computers, the idea that graphic design centers on computer tricks is a misinterpretation of the profession and certainly doesn't describe the graphic design concentration at ECU.

Graphic design at ECU includes a strong grounding in the traditions of typography and addresses issues of business, communication, social science, and art. Most classes center around the examination and discussion of student work so a consistent output of graphic design is essential. This limits the graphic design students to those who want to work. The work includes thinking, reading, and talking as well as the production of designed objects.

Sophomore Classroom
For the first 2 courses in the Graphic Design concentration, ART 2200 (fall only) and ART 2210 (spring only), students meet in a classroom equipped with drawing tables, computers loaded with required software, and a projection screen. When their classroom is not in use for classes, students enrolled in the class have 24/7 access through the ECU 1 Card system. This is a privilege; the room is electronically monitored and in the event of any policy violations, students will lose access to this classroom. Class size is small, usually 12–15.

Laptop Computer Support
Upon acceptance to the major (required for admission to upper level classes numbered 3000 and above), students are required to purchase a laptop at least equal to the current specified Macintosh computer. After each portfolio review, accepted students are sent a letter (usually during the summer after their sophomore year) advising them of the current computer specifications. ECU Student Store provides outstanding support in terms of pricing, loans, and maintenance services. It is highly recommended that students purchase the laptop from the Student Store.

Students accepted into the major have access to an extensive array of current software and fonts. (This software is for student use only and is not available to students upon graduation.)

Accepted students have 24/7 access to select studios when they are not being used as classrooms. These facilities are equipped with desks, large monitors, printers and other peripherals for student use. Access is by ECU 1 Card.

In addition to space set aside for majors, there are other facilities within the school that are available to students such as darkrooms, a lighting studio, a woodshop, computer labs, and the media center which houses computers, a slide library and an extensive collection of periodicals. Some rooms are available 24/7 and others operate as supervised spaces with posted hours. Use of some facilities may require permission of the area coordinator.