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Gunnar Swanson is a graphic designer with over thirty years of professional experience. His work has been honored with over 100 awards and publications. Dozens of his articles about graphic design have appeared in the academic and trade press and his essays have been reproduced in several anthologies of graphic design writing. He was the editor of the Allworth Press book Graphic Design & Reading, the co-editor of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Zed3 and has been invited to speak about graphic design and design education in the US, Australia, Canada, and England.

His MFA is in graphic design from California State University and his undergraduate degree is in art history from UCLA. He worked testing scuba equipment and teaching diving, as a prop maker, stage hand, and carpenter before his design career. He taught graphic design and design history at Otis College of Art and Design, UCLA Extension, the University of Minnesota, Duluth, the University of California Davis, and Loyola Marymount University. He was the director of the multimedia program at California Lutheran University.

He owns five bicycles and a hybrid car. He is old enough to remember people routinely asking “What's your sign?” and perhaps too old to remember why.