Gray Gallery

Welcome Gallery

September 7 - 22
Keaton and Umberger Collection Exhibition

September 7th, 5-8pm
Opening Reception for the Auction/First Friday/Art Walk

September 22nd, 6-9pm
Art Auction and Gala

September 26 - 27 ( details tbc)
Yes Men
Organized by VAF and the Gray Gallery LAB

October 5 - 26
Undergraduate Exhibition (Artists tbc)

October 5th, 5-8pm
Opening Reception for Undergraduate Exhibition/First Friday/Art Walk

November 2 - 23
MFA Thesis Exhibition
Featuring Works by Holly Roddenbery, Jessica Bradsher, and Joanne Lang

November 2nd, 5-8pm
Opening Reception for the MFA Thesis Exhibition/First Friday/ Art Walk

December 3 - 14
BFA Senior Exhibition (Artists tbc)

December 7th, 5-8pm
Opening Reception for BFA Senior Exhibition/First Friday/Art Walk


January 11 - February 16
Greenhill Metals Exhibition: Beyond Ornament & ECU Metals

Friday, January 11th, 5-8pm
Opening Reception for Greenhill Metals Exhibition

January 18th, 5-8pm
Reception for the Material Topics Symposium
organized by Carolyn Buss

January 18 - 20
Material Topics Symposium (Gray + Wellcome)

March 11 - 29
MFA Spring Thesis Exhibition

March 15th, 5-8pm
MFA Thesis Exhibition Opening Reception

March 21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, & 29th, 5-8pm (Open to the Public)
MFA Thesis Artist Talks

April 5 - April 26
BFA Senior Exhibition

April 5th, 5-8pm
Reception for the BFA Senior Exhibition/First Friday/Art Walk

May 20 - June 28
Retired Faculty Exhibition

June 7th, 5-8pm
Reception for the Retired Faculty Exhibition/First Friday/Art Walk

August 16 - 25
Shift '18
Curated by Seo Eo
Featuring works by Jessica Bradsher, Holly Roddenbery, Joanne Lang, Lacey Hargroder, Ronson Shultz, Kayla Clark, Adam Atkinson, Sephra Reyes, Claire White, Tim Rickett, Youngjae Kim, Carolyn Buss, Tim Christensen, Robin Carter, Heather McLelland, Lauren Purcell, Epiphany Knedler, Dana Smessaert, Junghoon Han and Mairin Gwyn

September 17 - 21
Glass Art, Studies Abroad in Poland, Summer 2018
Curated by Lacey Hargroder