Alice Holleman


Submission Information

The Illustration Area Coordinator schedules a portfolio submission day at the end of every Fall and Spring semester with faculty jurors from the illustration and painting and drawing areas. Students are asked to assemble a well-crafted portfolio of at least 8 pieces of work, a personal sketchbook and at least one process folder of work-up from any given illustration project. Portfolios are displayed in an open classroom space for the faculty to evaluate. The work is evaluated for its strength in the formal aspects of art and design, its conceptual, expressive and/or communicative aspects and its craft/technique/method/materials. Evidence of high-level drawing ability is essential. Ideally a student prepares for entry into the Illustration concentration in their sophomore year having taken Art 2230: Illustration Survey in the fall or spring (along with Art 2200: Graphic Design Survey in the fall and Art 2210: Graphic Design Studio I in the spring). Work from the illustration survey along with strong work from drawing, painting and/or printmaking classes can build an entrance portfolio along with one or two independently produced pieces. Survey classes and studio classes in drawing, painting and/or printmaking are recommended as art electives and survey classes and can assist in supporting image-making skills for illustration.