BFA in Art, Metal Design


To see more photographs of the metal design facilities as well as images of the rest of the building, click this link.

The Metal Design program offers BFA, BFAED, and MFA degrees and students work in a recently renovated, state of the art facility. The four faculty in the program, share responsibilities for all students and their diverse strengths and talents contribute to the wide variety of approaches that individual students pursue. Both traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques are encouraged with classes that include metals fabrication, casting, raising and forming, enameling, surface embellishment, electroforming, lathe work, experimental techniques and even large scale welding or smithing. With an understanding of contemporary and historical perspectives, individuality is encouraged through the development of each student’s personal philosophy and direction.  

Recently renovated facilities house the program, with state of the art ventilation in every area including soldering, casting, electroforming, enameling, acid etching, bead/sand blasting, and a polishing and abrasives area.  There are 6 digitally controlled kilns for enameling with ventilation hoods over each.  Two large multipurpose rooms have areas for forming and raising with a good collection of hammers and stakes, a spray etcher, rectifier electroforming tank, electric and manual hydraulic presses, sanding and polishing equipment, a bead blaster, a variety of shears, band saw, drill press, and centrifugal and vacuum casting equipment,including a wax injector, vulcanizer, and a digitally controlled burnout kiln.

The separate graduate studio is close, spacious and quiet, providing individual work benches for 12 grad students with well ventilated soldering stations.   The studio also includes an extensive collection of books on contemporary and historical metals and enameling, a digital and slide library, a permanent photography set up for shooting slides, and a computer station for digital design work.