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mfa admissions

MFA Application Process

Admission to the East Carolina University School of Art and Design MFA degree program is a 2 step process. (Step 1) admission to the University through the Graduate School Portal and (Step 2) acceptance by the School of Art and Design Graduate Faculty on the basis of professional competency.

All University and School of Art and Design admission requirements must be submitted by January 15 in order to be eligible for out of state tuition remissions, assistantships, scholar awards and scholarships for the following fall semester. Admission requirements must be submitted by October 15 to be considered for a spring semester entrance to the program. Contact the graduate coordinator to inquire about the availability of out of state tuition remissions and assistantships during the spring semester.

Step 1

The Graduate School is the umbrella organization for all graduate degree programs at the University. They are located in a different building and have a different staff than the School of Art and Design. You will be required to provide the following:

  • An image list for your portfolio of 20 works that includes title, medium, size, and date each work was created
  • All of your official transcripts
  • Writing sample: A statement of purpose that articulates why you are seeking a Master of Fine Arts Degree. We want to know about your conceptual and research interests; historical and contemporary visual influences as well as professional aspirations.
  • Resume with links to any websites or blogs that you would like the committee to review
  • 3 letters of reference (Your references will be instructed how to submit the letters by the Graduate School)
  • The Graduate School online application form
  • Application fee
  • Begin the official application process on this webpage

Step 2

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Create a folder named GradAppECU_YourName to upload your portfolio.
  • Upload individual files. Files must be PDF for texts, JPEG for still images, MP4 for moving images, and MP3 for audio-only work.
  • When uploading of your files is complete, go to Share setting for the folder. You may do this by clicking on the folder from the top menu (My Drive > GradAppECU_YourName) and selecting Share option.
  • In Share dialog box, enter in the address field, then choose Share option to Can view, and click Send . It will ask you to confirm the invitation, and click Yes. Email invitation will be sent to with this confirmation.
  • Go to Share setting for the folder again, and copy its shareable link shown in the dialog box. Paste this Link in the ECU online application form's Image Portfolio Supplemental Item.
  • Your folder is now submitted. A receipt confirmation will be sent to you within 2 days.