BFA in Art, Printmaking


The Printmaking faculty recommends students take the following printmaking course before presenting their submission portfolio:

  • ART 2010 – Printmaking Survey
  • ART 2600 - Printmaking Studio I
  • ART 2610 - Printmaking Studio II
  • ART 3600 - Printmaking Studio III
  • ART 3610 - Printmaking Studio IV

The portfolio must be accepted before a student can take a printmaking course beyond Printmaking Studio IV. →Early submissions will be considered.

ART 2010 – Printmaking Survey is the prerequisite for the upper-level printmaking courses. Most students interested in becoming a printmaking major enroll in ART 2600 and ART 3600 the same semester 2610 and ART 3610 the following semester.

There are no set dates for the portfolio review process. Students are encouraged to submit their portfolio toward the end of the semester in the which they are enrolled in the ART 2610 and ART 3610.

Portfolio Requirements

The Printmaking concentration requires three (3) 16”x22” drawings. The student selects a theme for the drawings. The page size for each drawing is 18” x 24” leaving a 1” margin along each edge of the paper. Any black and white, wet or dry may be used to execute the drawings. Once the student has selected a single media or combination, the media selection must be used in each of the three (3) drawings.

The portfolio drawings cannot be part of any class project and must be completed without external guidance, criticism, and/or assistance. The printmaking faculty are interested in the student’s ability to showcase their ‘artistic educational experiences” through a series of three (3) drawings.