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Graduate Student Advisement Procedures

Each semester students should refer to the university calendar which is also located in the front section of the Graduate Manual to determine the dates for advisement, pre-registration and registration.


The Director of Graduate Studies is the official advisor for all MFA and MAEd students in the School of Art and Design and oversees the advisement process. All graduate students are to be advised by their area coordinator with regard to their curriculum. Any questions about Art History courses, elective courses, independent study, etc. may also be addressed by the Director of Graduate Studies.

1. Review the next semester course offerings in Banner Self Serve .

2. Determine your schedule in consultation with your Area Coordinator.

3. If you need a section of ART 6500, 5500 or ART 6991-6994 created, have the course instructor fill out the Independent / Interdisciplinary Study INSERT LINK HERE Form and email me that to me.

4. If a MFA students need a section of ART 7000 (Thesis,) download a Thesis Committee/Prospectus form fill it out and have it signed by your thesis committee. Make a copy for yourself and your Thesis Director. Give the original to the Graduate Director to create the class.

MAEd students should download the Thesis Committee/Prospectus form and email it to your Thesis Chair. He or she will complete the process.

5. Sign up for courses using the directions below. Contact the Graduate Director and CC Linda Nelson if there problems or questions about registering for classes.


How students access their Banner Self Service Account

Step 1: Log onto the ECU home page at

Step 2: At the top right of the ECU home page, select the stop sign icon to go to your OneStop account.

Step 3:  Enter your Pirate ID and Passphrase located on the left side of the OneStop screen.

Step 4:  Look for the “Banner” box on your OneStop tools page.

Step 5: Select “Banner Self Service.

Step 6:  From the Banner main menu, select the information you need.

How Students Register for courses on Banner

Step 1:  From the Banner main menu, select “Student and Financial Aid”.

Step 2:  Now Select “Registration”.

Step 3:  Select “Add or Drop Classes” from the Registration menu.

Step 4: Select the term.

Step 5: Select “Class Search” to search for courses.

Step 6: Choose the subject, course number, time of day, or other attributes about the course you wish to take.

Step 7: Once you have entered the course information, select the “Class Search” link at the bottom of the page. This returns a list of all the courses that match the search you just entered.

Step 8: Select the section you want by checking the box next to that section. After checking the appropriate section, select the “Register” link at the bottom of the page

Step 9: You will be taken back to your schedule to view it with the new class added.

Step 10: Repeat steps 5—9 to add additional classes.

How to Drop for courses on Banner

Step 1:  Go to your schedule page, under “Add or Drop Classes”

Step 2: Pull down the drop down box beside the course you wish to drop and select “Web Dropped”

Step 3: At the bottom of the page, select “Submit Changes” to remove the course from your schedule.

Always check with your faculty advisor before dropping a course.