BFA in Art, Sculpture


The sculpture faculty are active both nationally and internationally exhibiting sculptures in very wide range of media and scale. The area philosophy is based on establishing a foundation of knowledge and skills in the traditional media and techniques of sculpture from which students develop a personal aesthetic based on individual strengths and interests. The relationship between concept, media and expression is a focus of critiques, readings and research. Verbal articulation of aesthetic concerns is expected as a companion to growing mastery of media and technique. SOAD Sculpture students and alumni are active as post graduate students, teachers and exhibiting artists.

The sculpture area of the school of art comprises approximately 4,500 square feet of studio and classroom space. About one third of this space is used by both undergraduate and graduate students as individual studio space. The remainder is organized into different studios: welding, foundry, moldmaking, carving, survey studio (classroom). There is also an outdoor work area of approximately 5,000 square feet. The foundry burn-out and low-melt kilns and the ceramic shell flash kiln are all located under the kiln yard exhaust hood in the outside area. This area is also utilized for the annual iron pour.