BFA in Art, Sculpture


To see more photographs of the sculpture facilities as well as images of the rest of the building, click this link.

The sculpture area is comprised of separate studios for welding, foundry, and carving and pattern/mold-making. There is a studio/classroom for undergraduate courses only. Graduates are provided with individual studio space in one of two rooms. There is an outdoor sculpture work area adjacent to the school that can be used for carving, welding and general construction.

The foundry is equipped with a furnace with a 240 lb. bronze capacity and a tilt furnace capable of melting 350 lbs. of bronze. The iron cupola furnace capacity is approximately 100 lb. of iron per tap. The area stages and annual iron pour which averages 4,000 lbs. of castings. Bonded sand, traditional plaster investment and ceramic shell molds are utilized. Three melt-out kilns are available: low melt, high temperature and flash melt for shell.

The welding studio is equipped with multiple oxy-acetylene gas welding/cutting stations, two plasma arc-cutting torches, two TIG welders, four MIG welders and an AC/DC stick welder. Additional equipment includes a: 12in. chop saw, horizontal band saw, 16 gauge shear, brake and roll mill and a forge.

Pneumatic and electric carving, grinding and cutting tools for wood, metal and stone area are available. The area is equipped with an overhead hoist system, a sandblast cabinet, wax working area and a drill press. Sculpture area equipment and facilities are continually being upgraded and improved.

The sculpture area also has a Digital Media Lab with haptic-feedback capabilities to create programs for rapid prototyping of sculptures in which commercial servers can produce. Prototypes are produced on a printer housed in the College of Technology and Computer Science.

The sculpture foundry has been named the Irwin Belk Foundry in honor of Mr. Belk's generous support. Mr. Belk's grant has resulted in a complete renovation and upgrade of the facility in 1998.

Sculpture students have a completely equipped woodworking shop available as well.

Facility Equipment:

  • 3 mig welders 250
  • 2 mig welders 150
  • 7 mig welders
  • Oxy Acetylene 7 units
  • Tig Welder 2
  • Arc Welder 2
  • 2 plasma
  • 1 Jib crane capacity 1 ton
  • 1 forklift
  • 2 Sand Mixers 100lbs & 220 lbs capacity
  • Stone carving tools and equipment
  • 2 band saws 17”
  • 1 belt sander
  • 2 drill press
  • 2 forge gas & coal
  • mold making area
  • Metal casting facility
  • ceramic shell area
  • welding area
  • Graduate Student Studio Space
  • Undergraduate Studio Space
  • Two Off Campus Storage Facilities outdoor and indoor