BFA in Art, Textile Design


Upon completing the required foundation courses students can enroll into Art 2303, which is the textile design survey class.  At the end of the course, students may apply for admission into the textile area as their concentration.  Should the student feel that they are not ready at that time, they may chose to apply after taking Art 2325 Weaving Design Studio I and either Art 2326 Fabric Design Studio I (Silk Screen) or Art 2336 Fabric Design Studio II.  Student must apply after taking these courses.

Requirements for admission are as follows:

Towards the end of both the fall and spring semesters a meeting is held with all students interested in applying for admission into textiles.  Each student will be informed of the date at which the portfolio is due and will be given a form outlining all materials to be included.  Each portfolio must have the following:

  • A statement as to why they want to be in the textiles program (usually no more than one page typed)
  • The form which lists the degree they are requesting and the courses they have taken to date
  • A list of all the work, which is included in the portfolio as well as the course number in which these works were created.
  • All work submitted contained in some type of portfolio, neatly labeled and presented for review.  Students should include all textile work completed and may submit up to four pieces from foundations and four pieces from other studios taken.  If the work is very large, students may submit these digitally.

After the review, a meeting is arranged with the student at which time the results of the portfolio review are gone over with the student and they are notified of the decision to accept or the reasons why they were not accepted into the program at that time.  If the student is not accepted, they will have another opportunity to submit the following semester but are encouraged to have a second choice.  Students may apply only twice for a textile concentration unless other arrangements are agreed to.