School of Theatre and Dance
Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

BFA-Musical Theatre/Theatre Education
Class of 2007

Latest News

Emily just finished playing Bombalurina in "Cats" and right now is in rehearsals for the National Tour of Beauty and the Beast.  She will be on the road from September 2013-June 2014.

I wanted to let you all know everything I was up to! I have just arrived in Pennsylvania to continue working with Prather Entertainment Group. This summer I worked at their Florida dinner theatre performing as Cha Cha in Grease. I am now going to be in a Christmas show called Swingin' Christmas (Nov 15-Dec 23), next I will be in The Rat Pack Lounge (Dec 30-Feb 9) where I will be the only girl in the show! Its four boys and me!

I just found out that I will be reprising my role as Maggie in Brigadoon! Also with Prather, I will play Maggie/Lead Dancer/Meg Understudy. Brigadoon runs (March 28-May 11) and then I will be playing Bombalurina in Cats (May 16-June 29). As of right now that is all I am contracted for, but there might be more coming! I had several successful auditions in NYC and I am hoping to get more in while I'm living in Lancaster! I can't wait to get started with all these shows and I am so thankful for the training I received at ECU. I have only been out of school for 6 months and I already have 5 Professional shows to add to my resume. It is amazing being able to tell people that I went to ECU and received better training then they did at their out of state expensive NYC schools.

Emily Thomas