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Kristen Lundberg

Kristin Lundberg

BFA - Theatre Education

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Originally from North Carolina, Kris has been living in New York City for the past thirteen years.  As an actress, she's worked on the stage and screen and, as a writer, her plays have been produced in New York, London and the Carolinas.  Additionally, she's working on two novel adaptations of her screenplays and a children's book series...
all due out in 2014!

Kris has trained classically with Julian Glover, Bill Homewood and as a fighter with Richard Ryan in London, UK holding her proficiency with the British Academy of Stage and Screen combat. As well, Kris holds her B.S. and Professional Licensure in K-12 teaching in Theater Education from East Carolina University in North Carolina. 

Kris serves as the founder, artistic director of the Shakespeare's Sister Company, a nonprofit organization empowering students through theater education and is a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women, The Shakespeare's Society, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television Radio Artists and Actors’ Equity Association. 

Visit Kris's Website for resume and book tour information

To purchase her first book; "Snuffy McSnifferson Meets the Beloved".

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