School of Theatre and Dance
Mary Grace McGivney

Mary Grace McGivney

BFA - Musical Theatre, BFA - Professional Acting
Class of 2012

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"I have been so lucky since graduation— I’ve been steadily employed! The same month I graduated I went out to Midtown Arts Center in Fort Collins, CO (where are few ECU people have done that same!). It was SUCH a wonderful experience. Loved the city, loved the people, and the shows made me grow so much. First was Dolly in “Annie Get Your Gun”. Very "charactery", less singing— helped me out of my shell a bit, acting wise. Then we did "Tony and Tina’s Wedding", which improved my improv (haha). “White Christmas” was next, which strengthened my dancing (tap especially), and last but CERTAINLY not least was Kate Monster in “Avenue Q”. Favorite show, favorite role by far! Then I left to join my first Carnival contract in May! Did 2 contracts with them, one out of NY and the next out of Galveston. Decided to take an extended break from it though— the lifestyle, and everything was just a lot. Although my voice, performance stamina and bank account grew exponentially, I was just missing acting (and my friends, family, fiancé) so much.

Despite all the ups and downs, though, I feel lucky to have such great training under my belt. I’ve seen a lot of interesting people and habits at auditions, I’m sure you have as well, and I’m continuously thankful for ECU and the level of professionalism that is expected there. I definitely have a ways to go, but that’s why I’m interested in taking vocal, acting and dance lessons here!

And I would love if you passed this along to Michael and John, absolutely!!! I'd love them both to know the same-- they each pushed me and helped me to grow leaps and bounds. I am thankful and very blessed to have been able to study and work with such great teachers and role models! Please give them (and Rhonda, Natalie, Tracy, Cap, Greg, John and Jill and everyone else) my best!!!"