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Vance Daniels

Vance Daniels

Class of 2005
BFA-Professional Acting

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Vance Daniels sent us his latest career updates,

"The play I'm in is a fun, little low-brow comedy called "The Chrome Warrior". (sort of a tongue-in-cheek mashup of The Who's Tommy and the original Karate Kid movie) Great cast of working tv/film actors who wanted to play a little bit. Definitely a crowd-pleaser kind of show more than anything else but everyone is doing a little bit of over the top character work and having a blast.

 It's being directed by Bill (William professionally) Savage, an up and coming film director who has done some shorts and just finished his first feature that's getting a little buzz. It's been fun so far just to be back in a little black box, all theatres smell different but they still all smell like theatres.

The film is a 35-40 minute western short called "Redemption Trail". It starts filming towards the end of October (Midway through the run of the play because that's of course how these things work) just north of LA in the same area so many great westerns were filmed. I believe the plan is to eventually turn it into a full length feature if the short can do well enough but I'm always of the mindset of let's just do this project well.

Don't know much of the rest of the cast yet, the producers have done some smaller stuff and been line producers on bigger projects.....which guarantees absolutely nothing but at least I can talk myself into feeling better. I'm the antagonist, there's a gunfight, and I get to die in the street.

So I'm pretty stoked about that."