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RuckdashelBrandon Ruckdashel
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Happy Spring!

I realized I hadn't sent anything out in a few months, while spending Mother's Day in Minnesota, so I decided to send a quick update and let you know what has been going on so far in 2013.

While filming "Gravedigger" my grandmother Barbara Jean Ruckdashel passed away and though unable to make it to the services I knew she was with me onset.   Grandma R helped to expose me to theater in my early years with frequent trips to see the Minneapolis Children's Theatre.

More Films in the can!

"Changing the Game" (Lionsgate) is coming to Cannes and will be represented for International Distribution at their film market.

It's happened, Roger Corman protege Jim Wynorski and I have finally worked together.   All the fans of my late night work can expect 2 new feature length films to hit North America around December and Internationally sometime after that.

In March I was in Success Story off-broadway "traces of connection and insight in Brandon Ruckdashel’s smarmy Ivy League Executive" (Backstage).   I really have started to enjoy playing Smarmy Ivy Leaguers, see Changing the Game in my reel, this is a great reference for this new character I've been working as.

Andrew Gans was also kind enough to do a quick Q&A with me back in March for Stage Views (Playbill).  I shared my thoughts on New York theater and future projects that I have coming up.

Serial Killers

Speaking of Killer projects, my work as serial killer Matthew Hoffman has been featured in America on Discovery ID, and should start screening overseas in the next few months.

My first feature as a cinematographer, "Gravedigger," is in the midst of post production and moving along quickly.   We're hoping to have a cut ready for submission to film festivals by June 1st.   My production company, Ruckus Film Works, has been heading up this process and will be providing all post production services.

I enjoyed seeing a few of my fans at the wrap party in April.

Many more provocative projects are planned through RFW this summer and fall so stay tuned for more updates on that front.

The Big Three Oh

Yes, it's finally happened, I had the big one.   Thank you to Keith Collins for hosting and all my awesome friends who attended for making 30 my most memorable birthday ever.   We spent the evening at downtown club "The DL" partying on the rooftop.

2013 has already turned into a very busy year (3 Feature Films, a music video, an off-broadway show) and I'm expecting it to continue to get even busier as summer hits.  Oh and I'm back to training, so goodbye grunge rocker Zach from Co-ed Confidential, hello Buff Brando ;-).   I'm currently looking for new photographers to capture this look in the next few weeks.

Here's wishing you the best for Spring!

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