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Chris Hill
BFA Musical Theatre
Class of 2003


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Watch SoTD alum Chris Hill, BFA Musical Theatre, in a national commerical for "Halos Mandarins."  Just click on the link below to view.

Hey this is CHRIS HILL!! Please read this Email. It is about My new web series The Rules Of Unemployment! Thank you for taking time to watch. And please ENJOY! Once you have watched it, if you like it please forward it to all your friends! It's the only way we can broaden our fan base!

Chris Hill

Hi Family and Friends,

I wanted to tell you personally that my new web series,

The Rules Of Unemployment

is now live online! 

It's about a ragtag band of unemployed neighbors who obsessively follow a list of rules designed to keep them SANE, even though the guy that wrote the rules thinks they are all NUTS!

Many of you have asked what you can do to help me, and this series, become successful. Well it’s easy (and fun).

1- Watch the show!!

Seriously, that is the number one thing you can do to help. Watch the show and tell your friends about it. We need lots of viewers.

2- Tell your friends

Ok, I already said this in number 1, but really we need the word to get out. Success online is all about how many views we get.


The show is FUNNY and FREE! This is not like selling magazines door-to-door.

Finally, if you really want to go the extra mile to support me and the show, a few clicks of the mouse will go a SUPER LONG way:

a) click to “subscribe” to our YouTube channel (this ups our YouTube listing)

b) click to “like” each episode (it’s the thumbs up icon)

c) make comments under each episode about what you liked or thought was funny (this also ups our listing)

d) follow us on Twitter @blakesrules and re-tweet our tweets

e) become a FAN at Facebook /TheRulesOfUnemployment

THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy watching the show as much as I enjoyed making it!

You can watch the first 4 episodes here:

AND, there will be a new episode each week for the next 2 months.

Have Fun!

With MUCH Thanks,


Chris exclaims, “ I'm happy to say I got a line in the new Batman movie "The dark knight rises " it's just one line but I'm in a scene with Christian Bale. it's a dream come true to me. I play a reporter. Keep an eye out for me in the movie and don't blink because you might miss me.”

Chris Hill has been living in Los Angeles now for about 6 years. He has done stand up at the Comedy Store, the Improv, and the Governors club. He has been in about 14 national commercials Including CherryPepto Bismol,Kool Aid, sprint, Kingsford Charcoal, Shoney's, Chili's, and coming out this month,  Microsoft Bing, and Subaru. Chris has done twomagazine print ads. One for "Game stop", and one for "Details" entitled "Summer do's and don'ts". Chris has been in one video game called "You're in the movies" for X-box. Chris has also auditioned for shows like "House", and "How I met your mother". He is waiting to hear back from a new show on FOX called "Keeping Hope alive". Chris hasn't booked any guest roles yet but says "It is a process meeting the casting directors and making sure they keep calling him in for the right roles".

If there's anything Chris can say to any ECU alumni It's "A casting director once told me " I have been casting for 20 years and in that time i have never seen someone book who wasn't memorized and off book" so just like Ben Kingsly in the movie "Sexy Beast" a good motto to have is "Preparation, preparation, preparation!"

Please anyone coming out to LA for the first time should send Chris an E-mail. He would be happy to get anyone who needs help getting started a hand. Even set up a meeting with his agent. E-mail him at