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Katie Maiello
Class of 2011


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I currently am working at the Schoenbrunn Amphitheatre in Ohio under a six month contract. The first three months we performed "Trumpet in the Land" (Esther), "The White Savage" (Warrior), "Les Miserables" (Ensemble, Eponine u/s), and "Winnie the Pooh" (Feature Animal) in rotating rep. I also served as Fight Director for the first three shows. For the second half of our season we perform one show each month. In September we perform "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" (Lois). October is "Dracula" (Vampiress). And for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, in Novemeber we perform "Assassins" ("Squeaky" Fromme).

I am currently on a five month contract with Missoula Children's Theatre's international tour as an Actor/Director for "The Little Mermaid". I am a lead actor in the show every other week, and I direct every week. We travel to a different school, in a different city, each week, working with students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. My tour partner and I audition kids from the town every Monday and cast up to 65 in our play, including assistant directors. We rehearse for 4 hours each day (typically after school) and put the show up Friday and/or Saturday. This gives us only 20 hours to teach and rehearse a full-length musical! We also do workshop assemblies at each school. We do stage make-up demonstrations, improv workshops, an "Acting 101" class, just to name a few. We travel the country with everything we need (set, lights, costumes, tools, make-up, props) in the back of our Ford F-150. It is a unique experience, and I have already learned so much. By the end of my contract I will have worked with thousands of kids. A lot of the schools we travel to are ones where the arts programs have been cut, so we are a valuable resource to these communities. MCT's mission statement is "Developing life skills in children through the performing arts," and I know that I am doing just that. More information is available on MCT's website:

I am really thankful for the professors at ECU and their hard work in training me. I truly feel that I was ready to enter the professional world, and feel so lucky and blessed to have been offered a contract even before graduating. I look forward to finding another job, and cannot wait to come back and visit my Alma Mater.

Hope all is well!