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ECU/Loessin Playhouse Auditions


Please be advised that the audition time slots for Coriolanus have been posed on the Messick main call-board . Auditions will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 3-4, beginning at 6:45pm. I strongly recommend that as many actors as possible audition on the first day, Mar 3, because the first 1 1/2 hours of the second day, March 4, will be reserved for cast and crew of Arcadia. And the number of audition slots are limited to what has been posted.

Actors will read from the scenes and monologues that have been posted online and in hard-copy in the work room, 107 Messick, outside Jeff and Rebeca's offices. If you choose a scene, I recommend that you also choose a partner with whom to work and a scene that you both like because there will be only one audition per actor in the open call.

Please do yourselves and me the favor of reading the whole play before selecting a scene or monologue, so that your audition is informed by an understanding of what you're attempting to act. Then rehearse your choice!

In the next day or so, I will post a list of attributes and behavioral traits for the characters of the play, as they pertain to this production, in which there will be significant non-traditional casting, particularly in regard to women. In our production, which takes place in a fictional Rome completely devastated by the Tarquin Wars, caught in a "post-apocalyptic" netherworld between the Kingdom and the new-born Republic, there will be little difference between women and men. Therefore, several of the important roles of Roman Citizens and Soldiers, even Generals, Captains and likely one of the two Tribunes--all usually played by men--will be played by women, who will also be combatants in the play's several fight scenes. Of course, the traditionally female roles of Volumnia, Virgilia, Valeria, et al, will be played by women.

Prepare carefully and have a good audition, everyone.


Corioanus - Production Documents

Character Traits

Brutus & Sicinius
Caius Martius 1
Caius Martius 2
Cominius & Martius
Coriolanus & Titus Lartius
First Officer & Second Officer
First Servingman & Third Serving Man/women

Roman Citizens

Volumnia 1

Volumnia 2

Callbacks Only
Coriolanus & Aufidius

Acting Script

Summer Theatre Auditions
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