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Dance Education

       East Carolina University’s Theatre Program is an Institutional member of The National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST)                                       
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The Dance Education program at East Carolina University professionally prepares its graduates to teach dance in the public schools grades Kindergarten through Grade 12. The curriculum is designed to develop the graduates' skill and knowledge as a competent mover in the discipline of dance, as well as liberally educate him or her. The program of study is additionally intended to develop professional teaching competencies in dance. The program of study in Dance Education is designed to develop in its students.

  1. A positive self-awareness through aesthetic responsiveness in the dance experience.
  2. An understanding of cultural values and attitudes as they are transmitted through dance.
  3. Aesthetic skills and knowledge necessary for the appreciation of dance as an art form.
  4. Creativity through problem solving capabilities and critical thinking through the dance experience.
  5. An appreciation for dance as a potential arena for social interaction.


Developing aesthetic skill and knowledge is one of the more critical outcomes for the Dance Education program of study, since dance is a form of art. Dance represents a "way of knowing" unique among the arts in the curriculum, since the human body is the instrument of creative expression. Aesthetic responsiveness involves versatility in forming dance (creating, composing), performing dance (the process of moving), and appreciating dance (understanding form and content; understanding the cultural heritage).


Another important outcome of our program is that the graduate has the skills necessary to participate in the aesthetic experience in self-directed ways throughout her/his lifetime, and has the ability to foster and facilitate those self-directed capacities in her/his students.


The Dance Education program is developed with regard to specific outcomes related to content and pedagogy. Graduates of our program need to understand and be personally facile with the content of dance, and need to be able to teach the content appropriately.


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