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Our residents care for the most diverse patient population here in Greenville. We appreciate the positive feedback from our patient population and it serves to provide positive reinforcement for the residents.

The Program

We have a unique program that provides exceptional care to our patients, while enhancing the learning process. Our residents learn something everyday, they do something everyday, and they teach something everyday. Unique to our program are the multiple conferences and sometimes impromptu didactic sessions. Each resident has service commitments but we have developed a program that enables a balance between work and play. We know how to have fun in Greenville. Teamwork is a permeating quality. Residents in our program do not hesitate to support each other by switching shifts or on-call days in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

The City

Greenville is a small but exciting city that is fully accessible to vibrant culture, academic tradition and international flavor. Residents can live less than 1 mile away or many miles away. We enjoy going to ECU football games- tailgating is usually one of the highlights of our program.

The Future

We are the "Pirates" so the sky is the limit. In an ever-changing healthcare environment, our program continuously strives for improvement, empowering our residents to institute change. Graduating residents have met all ACGME core competencies. Not only are our graduates proficient in procedures, but they are able to manage common and complex diseases. ECU Resident graduates are recognized as fully accredited and highly trained physicians within the community. We hope you will join us and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

-The Chief Residents-

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