Clinical Services

Working Together to Get Back To Work

Vidant Medical Pain Management Center
Workers Compensation Program

Our newly designed worker’s compensation program has been developed to ensure outcome-focused, coordinated, goal-oriented interdisciplinary team services with the sole purpose of measuring and improving the functioning of our patients. A team of experts offer a variety of modalities including medical pain management, physical therapy, psychotherapy, monitored conditioning programs and patient education.

Our Team

  • Board Certified Pain Physicians
  • Registered nurses experienced in pain management
  • Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants
  • Psychologists specializing in pain management

Program Goals

  • Restore occupational role function
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce medication intake
  • Reduce psychiatric and psychological impairment related to injury
  • Correct posture, gait and motion abnormalities that can aggravate and worsen the patient's condition
  • Educate patients in the roles that emotions, behavior, and attitudes play in chronic pain and recovery from injuries
  • Improve activities of daily living
  • Improve level of function in social, familial and household roles
  • Improve strength and functional status
  • Educate patients in prevention of re-injury

Admission Criteria

  • Adequate and thorough evaluation
  • Unsuccessful previous methods of treating chronic pain
  • Patient has significant loss of ability to function independently resulting from chronic pain
  • Patient is not a candidate for surgery
  • Patient exhibits motivation to change, as determined during initial evaluation with questionnaires
  • Patient's Primary care physician to manage the patient after maximum medical management has been reached, per the Pain Center Physician.