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Medical Students / Observership


Physiatrists are uniquely suited to provide specialized education to medical students on the principles of neurological, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal medicine, as well as the management of patients with disability and the practice of an interdisciplinary team approach to patient care. We offer multiple opportunities for medical students to practice in rotations within our department of PM&R. These rotations include both East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine medical students and visiting medical students.

We are one of the few academic institutions to conduct a mandatory 4th year medical student rotation for all the medical students at East Carolina University Brody school of Medicine. Recent research by our PM&R Department (Faulk et al, 2012 and Norbury et al, 2016) regarding this required clerkship has shown that medical students generally reported a positive learning experience on the rotation and self-reported a significant gain in overall knowledge about various PM&R topics.

For further information, please contact:

John Norbury
John Norbury, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
ECU Medical Student Clerkship Director

Clint Faulk
Clinton Faulk, MD
Associate Professor
Visiting Medical Student Clerkship Director

Medical Students/ Observership