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Thoracic Surgery


7:45 AM            -           8:00 AM                    Arrival and Registration

8:00am             -           9:00am                    Presentation: Robotic Positioning and Port Placement

9:00 AM            -           12:00 PM                  Lab Session
                                                                                 Patient Positioning
                                                                                 Anatomical Marking
                                                                                 Port Placement
                                                                                 Mediastinal Tissue Resection

12:00 PM          -           1:00 PM                    Lunch and Procedural Videos

1:00 PM            -           4:30 PM                     Lab Session
                                                                                 Patient Positioning
                                                                                 Anatomical Marking
                                                                                 Port Placement
                                                                                 Wedge Resection
                                                                                 Pulmonary Hilum Exposure
                                                                                 Bronchus Exposure
                                                                                 Complete Lobectomy

 4:30 PM            -           4:45 PM                      Wrap Up/Q&A

 4:45 PM                                                             Adjourn