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Controller's Office - Financial Services

Depositary Services

The Health Sciences Depositary Services Office is responsible for the cash management of and in internal controls surrounding all Health Sciences cash items. Cash receipt items include clinic receipts; lockbox receipts; ACH receipts; mail receipts; departmental receipts; returned checks; tuition payments and financial aid for medical students. This office also administers the issuance of cash payments to research participants.

Dawn Benthall

Operational issues; cash management and internal controls - education and adherence; daily lockbox reconciliation; daily clinic deposit; clinic deposit verifications; SIPS certification of STIF, grant, and credit card deposits; oocyte program.


Pam Roebuck
Administrative Support Specialist

External deposit; cashier training for external clinics; external clinic contact (bank bags, receipts, cash activity sheets, credit card); direct payment reimbursements; interdepartmental transfers (patient billing and contracts); credit card settlement verification; returned checks M-Z.


Teresa Cunningham
Administrative Support Specialist

Cash management reporting; grant and clinical trial lockbox deposit; Greenville mail deposit; patient billing lockbox deposits; contract deposits; miscellaneous receipts deposits; clinic deposit verification; accounts payable check log.

Rebecca Perry
Support Services Associate

Internal deposit; cashier training for internal clinics; internal clinic contact (bank bags, receipts, cash activity sheets, credit card); pharmacy deposit; clinic deposit verification; medical student payments; merchant payments; commercial refunds; patient refunds; state receipts; returned checks A-L.


Catherine (Joanne) Moore
Support Services Associate

Accounts payable check disbursement; dental deposit; clinic deposit verification; patient receipts; state receipts; change funds; research participant disbursements; medical student payments; merchant payments; commercial refunds.