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Staff Listing

Office of the Executive Associate Vice Chancellor

Executive Associate Vice Chancellor Gary Vanderpool 252-744-2077 vanderpoolg@ecu.edu
Executive Assistant Joan Ellis 252-744-2077 ellisj@ecu.edu


Controller's Office

Controller Carol Fornes 252-744-2287 fornesc@ecu.edu


DHS Contracts

Director Helen Cuthrell-Martin 252-744-3097 cuthrellh@ecu.edu


DHS Systems Support

Director Patricia Robinson 252-744-2943 robinsonp@ecu.edu
Systems Access FOAPAL Setup Dee Tyson 252-744-1784 tysond@ecu.edu
Business Intelligence Reporting Patrick Everett 252-744-2826 everettv@ecu.edu


Financial Services

Director Suzanne Imboden 252-744-8894 imbodens@ecu.edu
Accountant (Salary Recovery) Amy Perry 252-744-2294 rooka@ecu.edu
Budget Manager Patricia Richards 252-744-1396 richardsp@ecu.edu


Depositary Services

Manager Dawn Benthall 252-744-3802 benthalld@ecu.edu
Cashier Catherine Moore 252-744-1965 moorecath@ecu.edu
Cashier Pam Roebuck 252-744-1949 roebuckp@ecu.edu
Cashier Rebecca Taylor Perry 252-744-3008 taylorre@ecu.edu
Cashier Teresa Cunningham 252-744-1835 cunninghamt@ecu.edu


Financial Accounting

Manager Aliceson Asby 252-744-1842 asbya@ecu.edu
Procurement Accounting Specialist Cathy Alphin 252-744-2293 alphinc@ecu.edu
Accountant Maranda Coates 252-744-9889 coatesm@ecu.edu
Accounting Reconciliation Tech Leanne Turner 252-744-2177 turnerl@ecu.edu


ECU Physicians Budget and Contract

Director Lisa Graepel 252-744-2173 graepell@ecu.edu
Contract Invoicing and Reporting Elaine Bennett 252-744-2172 bennette@ecu.edu
Contract Processing and Compliance Jamie Craig 252-744-9896 craigj@ecu.edu
Personnel Approvals (EPAF and PCF) Yolanda Hill 252-744-2292 hilly@ecu.edu