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Child Health Needs of Rural Alabama Latino Families
Project Name: Child Health Needs of Rural Alabama Latino Families

Principal Investigator: Lynda Law Wilson, RN, PhD, FAAN (formerly Lynda Harrison), University of Alabama at Birmingham

Project Type: Core Research Feasibility

Project Description: Our long-term goal is to promote children's health and positive parenting and family relationships for rural agricultural Latino families in Alabama. Given the recent and rapid Latino immigration to Alabama and particularly Marshall County, there is a great need for services that are culturally competent and theory-based, and that promote interagency collaboration among organizations that serve the Latino community in rural Alabama. The project will involve 16 focus-group interviews with mothers and fathers who have children under the age of 12, to identify their perceptions and concerns related to children’s health and parenting. The specific aims of the project are to identify the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of Latino families working in agriculture in Albertville (Marshal County), Alabama related to:

  1. physical and mental health needs of children;
  2. parenting issues and concerns; and
  3. services needed to address child health needs and parenting concerns.

We will be able to share our findings with other organizations serving the Latinos community in Alabama, and develop culturally relevant and theory-based intervention(s) tailored to the needs of this population. We are well suited to pursue the development and implementation of the proposed project because:

  1. we have assembled a multidisciplinary team with expertise in all areas necessary to carry out the proposed work;
  2. this proposal builds on our previous and current work (and insights) with Latino immigrants;
  3. out work is theory based and culturally relevant to Latino immigrants; and
  4. we have access to, as well as credibility among, the target population given our current work and partnerships win Alabama.

Project Accomplishments:

Outcome Assessment Report

Presentation: Developing a Community Based Parenting Intervention for Rural Alabama Latino Families

Publication: Harrison, L. & Scarinci, I. (2007).  Child health needs of rural Alabama Latino families.  Journal of Community Health Nursing.  24(1), 31-47.