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Growing Up FIT!
Project Name: Growing Up FIT!

Principal Investigator: Kristen Borre, PhD, North Carolina Agromedicine Institute, East Carolina University

Project Type: Prevention/Intervention

Project Description: The Growing Up FIT! Program is an ongoing collaborative community partnership committed to developing sustainable programming to assist children to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. FIT! has developed innovative, culturally competent physical activity and food and nutrition education programming for Pitt County Elementary School Children that includes:

  • Training Guide to Monitoring Healthy Weight in Children: training modules for teaching standardized measurement of growth in children and how to monitor growth in school populations.
  • Healthy Weight Calculator for Monitoring Height, Weight and BMI in Children: a spreadsheet application that tracks child growth and produces reports.
  • Active Recess for All: a guide for classroom teachers to providing moderate to vigorous physical activity for students K-5. Includes spreadsheet application for monitoring physical activity among school aged children.
  • Nutrition Across the Curriculum: food and nutrition education lessons designed to meet NC Standard Course of Study objectives for grades 3-5.
  • Nutrition Nuggets: weekly nutrition and wellness riddles and questions that build awareness to practice health-promoting diets and physical activity among teachers and students in grades K-5.
  • Parent Newsletters: monthly newsletters designed to promote physical activity and healthful eating among families with school age children.
  • GoFIT! After School Program: including a training manual for after school staff to incorporate physical activity and food and nutrition education in programming.
  • GoFIT! Cafeteria Games: a series of games that can be played in the cafeteria to teach food and nutrition awareness and education.
  • Technical assistance to schools, agencies and community health partnerships interested in improving healthy weight through primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies.

The program began in 2000 and has received funding from Pitt Memorial Hospital Foundation, The Institute of Nutrition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, the NC Agromedicine Institute, Brody School of Medicine, and East Carolina University. FIT! provides growth assessment for K-5 grade students, and physical fitness and dietary assessment of children in grades 3-5. FIT! offers nutrition education and support for physical activity during the school day. For children who are overweight or at risk for overweight, Growing Up FIT! provides nine sessions with a registered dietitian and after-school programming. Growing Up FIT! collaborates with local schools and statewide programs and agencies to initiate and support environmental and policy change to assure that all children have access to opportunities to be physically active and eat healthy. For more information, contact Dr. Kristen Borre at or click here.

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