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Ergonomic Interventions for the Agricultural Industry
Project Name: Ergonomic Interventions for the Agricultural Industry

Principal Investigator: Gary Allen Mirka, PhD

Project Type: Core Research

Project Description: The specific aim of this project is to develop and test ergonomic interventions for the reduction of the incidence and severity of musculoskeletal disorders among people working in the agriculture industry. The overall process involves:

  1. identification of high risk jobs/tasks,
  2. ergonomic task analysis of these high risk jobs/tasks to identify the specific ergonomic risk factors seen in these jobs/tasks (this includes some basic biomechanical research to better understand the underlying mechanism of injury),
  3. prototyping of ergonomic interventions for the reduction of exposure to these ergonomic risk factors,
  4. laboratory assessment of the effectiveness of these solutions,
  5. fabrication of field-ready ergonomic interventions, and
  6. field evaluation of these solutions

Project Activities and Accomplishments:

Refereed Journal Publications Resulting from Work:

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